October 13, 2020

Post-2020 NHL Draft Scout Survey – V3

We’re not done with the 2020 NHL Draft just yet.

Sure, we’ll be watching these players continue their paths to the NHL, but in the meantime, we’re still analyzing where all of these players were taken in the draft.

FCHockey’s scouts offered up their thought and opinions on the draft we waited all summer for.

This is the final edition of the three-part series getting the feedback of those that pour hours over game tape.

Post-2020 NHL Draft Scout Survey – V1
Post-2020 NHL Draft Scout Survey – V2

Here’s how they answered the last three questions:

Which team, in your opinion, should come away from the 2020 NHL Draft the happiest?

“Carolina has absolutely killed the draft again and I’m not just saying that for the sake of Seth Jarvis. They nailed pick after pick by not galaxy braining or putting an emphasis on anything other than valuing the upside they saw in players ability to be a future impact player. Getting Alexander Pashin and Ronan Seeley as late as they did should be criminal. I also thought Los Angeles did great once again and tip of the cap to Minnesota, Anaheim, Detroit, New Jersey and Toronto.” Western Canada head scout Justin Froese

“The Kings hit a bunch of dingers in this draft. Quinton Byfield at No. 2 was a no brainer, followed up by scooping Helge Grans in the second round. Plus, they snagged Martin Chromiak at No. 128. Excellent work by the Kings brass on all accounts.” Eastern Canada head scout Dylan Galloway

“Teams like the New York Rangers and Los Angeles Kings are obviously thrilled with their franchise-changing high picks. For teams that had to do more with less, I really like the hauls from these clubs, in alphabetical order: Carolina, Colorado, Dallas, Minnesota, New Jersey, Toronto and San Jose.” Head crossover scout Derek Neumeier

“For me, the Hurricanes came away from this draft just scooping up talent that fell right into their laps. I think they had an excellent couple days at the draft taking advantage of the players that fell. I also really liked the Kings’ class, getting some excellent value throughout the two days.” Eastern Canada and crossover scout Josh Bell

“For the second year in a row, I think it has to be Carolina. Their draft was filled with fantastic value and players who I held in high regard in my own rankings. The Hurricanes added six players who all landed in my personal top-62 with Jarvis, Noel Gunler, Vasily Ponomarev, Alexander Nikishin, Zion Nybeck, and Pashin, with Lucas Mercuri and Seeley both being excellent value grabs for their prospect pool.” – Crossover scout Brandon Holmes

Which team, again in your opinion, should come away disappointed?

“I thought Tampa Bay’s best prospect out of the field of kids that they took was sixth rounder Amir Mifthikov. I didn’t see them getting tremendous value on lower upside players while other guys I preferred were on the board. There are some okay players, but I wouldn’t have taken them in almost each scenario. Not great value to rally around. Other weaker drafts were bad by Arizona, Islanders and Pittsburgh.” – Froese

“Ottawa had 12 picks in one of the best drafts in a decade and had a very mediocre performance. Outside of their top pick, the Senators did a lot of reaching on safe players. Yes, these players will help to move the franchise forward, but they left a lot on the table at nearly every pick.” – Galloway

“No team will leave this draft disappointed, as they all ended up with players that they liked, but I don’t think history will be kind to Columbus. I’m also pretty sure that Ottawa is going to regret some of their decisions and end up with fewer difference-making players in the future as they should have.” – Neumeier

“I really didn’t love Boston’s class. From their first pick at No. 58 of Mason Lohrei, I wasn’t sold on their group. Plus. They only had four players drafted. I was also underwhelmed by the Senators group considering their number of picks, the New York Islanders, and the Arizona Coyotes.” – Bell

“Personally, I was not particularly excited about Chicago’s haul in the 2020 Draft. Lukas Reichel is a legitimate first round talent and the Blackhawks were very excited to get him where they did, but the rest of their draft in the later rounds didn’t particularly impress me in the value they picked up, personally.” Holmes

What was your “feel good” pick of the draft?

Ozzy Wiesblatt’s moment was awesome and the fact Doug Wilson Jr took the time to learn how to sign his name for his mom’s benefit showed tremendous class. The Jets honouring Dale Hawerchuk by bringing his wife in the announce they pick was also indicative of the character within the Winnipeg organization. As far as players go. I loved New Jersey’s pick up of Ethan Edwards as I pushed him up our list and sang his praises now I get to see him develop for a team I’ve been fond of since I was young.” – Froese

Last pick of the draft went to a hard-working Kitchener Rangers player Declan McDonnell. I always love when these types go last and play with a chip on their shoulder the next season. Getting picked last is bittersweet. Yes, you were selected, but dead last. That motivation can really propel players in my opinion.” – Galloway

“It was a very heartwarming moment to see Doug Wilson Jr. sign the Wiesblatt selection. And even though I knew Zayde Wisdom was going to get picked at some point, it was still great to watch when it happened. Philadelphia is going to love him and I’m going to be rooting for him.” – Neumeier

“I loved what the Senators did with their No. 3 pick, bringing in long-time Jeopardy host and Ottawa-native Alex Trebek to make the selection of Tim Stutzle. At the end of the first round, Doug Wilson Jr. making the Wiesblatt in sign language was incredible. Excellent to see.”  – Bell

“Wisdom getting selected at the start of the fourth round by the Philadelphia Flyers. Wisdom is a kid who has had to fight for everything he has gotten to this point in his career, a blue-collar kid who grew up from very humble beginnings, and I have no doubt that Zayde is not going to stop working until he’s made the National Hockey League.” Holmes

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