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The FCHockey Story

Created and developed in the summer of 2007, FCHockey is hockey’s premier source for information on NHL Draft eligible prospects around the world.

With a staff of scouts all around North America and in Europe, FCHockey is truly a global effort.

But what is FCHockey?

The quest to find the NHL’s next superstar is always ongoing for teams. It’s no different for us. FCHockey is continually looking at hockey’s next generation, both evaluating their talents and telling their stories for you – the fan.

What does the future have in store for the NHL?

Let’s find out together.

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FC Scouts

The backbone of any hockey club is its scouting staff. The same can be said for FCHockey. With over 20 scouts in all corners of the globe, FCHockey has every rink covered. We hunt down and scout the future stars and hidden gems. Get to know the scouts of FCHockey.

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FC Alumni

We take great pride in the success our scouts have had across the hockey industry. Take a look at the FCHockey alumni who have graduated to jobs in the NHL, junior hockey, Europe and more. Get to know the names of some of FCHockey’s best and brightest.

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