FC Rank 102
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Player Profile
USNTDP Juniors
182 lbs
Place of Birth
Long Beach, CA  
Hreschuk is one of the more dynamic skaters on the U18 squad this season, flashing elite top-end speed and good decision-making with regards to jumping up into the offensive rush. Smooth on his edges and shows good defensive mobility in all four directions, eschewing crossovers when defending the rush and showing decent gap control to push opposing forwards to the outside of the zone. Hreschuk lov...
Joseph Aleong
Scout Profile

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Aidan Hreschuk's Reports

Jun 22/21 Aidan Hreschuk 22312 – USA U18 vs. Green Bay USHL by Sebastian Death View Summary
May 3/21 Aidan Hreschuk 22053 – Czech Republic vs. Team USA WJC-18 by Olivia McArter View Summary
Feb 11/21 Aidan Hreschuk 21707 – USA U18 vs. Youngstown USHL by Dylan Galloway View Summary
Jan 14/21 Aidan Hreschuk 21569 – Youngstown vs. USA U18 USHL by Dylan Krill View Summary
Dec 16/20 Aidan Hreschuk 21452 – USA U18 vs. Air Force NTDP by Josh Bell View Summary
Nov 2/20 Aidan Hreschuk 21201 – USA U18 vs. Muskegon USHL by Joseph Aleong View Summary