FC Rank 102
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Player Profile
Boston College
182 lbs
Place of Birth
Long Beach, CA  
Hreschuk is a very reliable, positionally sound, two-way defenseman that doesn’t have any skills that blow you away but is very competent and poised. Hreschuk is a smooth skater, who is strong on his edges. He has quick hands (not dynamic but quick) and a hard wrist shot when he wants to use it. He has a high level of awareness in all three zones and possesses excellent poise with the puck. He r...
Sebastian Death
Scout Profile

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Aidan Hreschuk's Reports

Jun 22/21 Aidan Hreschuk 22312 – USA U18 vs. Green Bay USHL by Sebastian Death View Summary
May 3/21 Aidan Hreschuk 22053 – Czech Republic vs. Team USA WJC-18 by Olivia McArter View Summary
Feb 11/21 Aidan Hreschuk 21707 – USA U18 vs. Youngstown USHL by Dylan Galloway View Summary
Jan 14/21 Aidan Hreschuk 21569 – Youngstown vs. USA U18 USHL by Dylan Krill View Summary
Dec 16/20 Aidan Hreschuk 21452 – USA U18 vs. Air Force NTDP by Josh Bell View Summary
Nov 2/20 Aidan Hreschuk 21201 – USA U18 vs. Muskegon USHL by Joseph Aleong View Summary