FC Rank 16
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Player Profile
Ottawa 67's
174 lbs
Place of Birth
Nepean, ON  
Mews is a highly intelligent two-way defenseman with superior puck retrieval skills. I really like the way he calmly and skillfully carries the puck out of his own end and makes accurate passes. He is a smooth skater that navigates the entire ice surface with ease. His poise and cerebral approach are noticeable throughout the course of a game. It is rare to see Mews under duress and making poor de...
Mike Kennedy
Scout Profile

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Henry Mews's Reports

Apr 30/24 Henry Mews 25864 – Canada vs. Switzerland WJC-18 by Arttu Myllymaki View Summary
Apr 27/24 Henry Mews 25838 – Canada vs. Czechia WJC-18 by Mike Kennedy View Summary
Feb 23/24 Henry Mews 25619 – Ottawa vs. Kitchener OHL by Ty Brooks View Summary
Jan 17/24 Henry Mews 25464 – Ottawa vs. Kitchener OHL by Matt O’Reilly View Summary
Dec 24/23 Henry Mews 25325 – Ottawa vs. Mississauga OHL by Blake McGuire View Summary
Aug 31/23 Henry Mews 25107 – Team USA vs. Canada HLINKA by Blake McGuire View Summary
Aug 11/23 Henry Mews 25001 – Czechia vs. Canada HLINKA by Arttu Myllymaki View Summary
Aug 2/23 Henry Mews 24935 – Canada vs. Finland HLINKA by Miroslav Simurka View Summary