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Ottawa 67's
174 lbs
Place of Birth
Nepean, ON  

Mews is a player that loves the puck on his stick, and has the talents to back it up. His standout skill is far and away his playmaking, and it was on full display in this viewing as he would connect on seemingly unavailable passes constantly. Short pass, stretch pass and saucer pass — it doesn’t seem to matter as Mews can put the puck right onto the tape of his teammates consistently. This is coupled with his playmaking ability and very strong skating, which complements his game nicely. The underlying statistics in his game show a very strong transitional ability, which becomes clear when you watch him. He’s a dual threat breakout and transition candidate as he can pass it out to his teammate or carry the puck himself across the blue lines using his strong skating. Where the defenseman can struggle is when he does not have the puck. This is more obvious in the defensive end, where sometimes he can become a little stuck when the cycle game begins. He’ll find himself puck watching too much and forget to reposition, thus finding himself behind the play. He’s not super effective along the boards, either. Luckily, when he does get the puck on his stick in the defensive end, you can rest assured that play is headed the other way, and fast. There is a lot to consider when selecting a player like Mews. In my opinion, Mews is not a first round pick I would make in the 2024 draft, but I don’t think he’s too far off.

Ty Brooks
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Game Results

February 9, 2024

Player Report

Skating 7
Shooting 6
Puckhandling 6
Playmaking 8
Offensive Awareness 7
Defensive Awareness 5
Compete 6

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