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Örebro HK J20
154 lbs
Place of Birth
Sundsvall, SWE  

Zetterberg is a talented right-shot center with a smaller frame and a versatile toolset. In my opinion, his strongest asset is his hockey IQ, and more specifically, his anticipation. He has the ability to read small details in the movements and actions of both his teammates and opponents, which helps him predict their next moves. Due to this, he utilizes space exceptionally well in all three zones. For instance, he is often open along the defensive blue line and able to receive a break-out pass to start an attack. He is also good at finding open space and getting into scoring position in the offensive zone. His wrist shot is good. He likes to toe-drag the puck towards him and release the puck close to his feet, which makes it difficult to block. He scored two goals in this game, and one of them was scored this way. However, his release isn’t that powerful. In general, I would say that he lacks power and strength, which affects certain parts of his game, and the power of his shot is one of them. I think his defensive contribution can be overlooked due to his offensive prowess. He is constantly putting pressure on puck carriers in the offensive zone, and he also stays within a close proximity of any player who attempts to advance down the middle to be able to intercept passes and cause turnovers. He was successful doing this a couple of times during this game. He plays similarly in his own zone, where he quickly identifies his man and reduces his time and space by staying close and using his stick to make it difficult for them to create offense. An area of improvement for Zetterberg is his skating. He is agile and has a quick first step, which helps him in tight areas where he can create separation or close gaps in an instant, but he is less prominent when he needs to cover more ground. At this level of competition, he is skilled enough to successfully transport the puck up the ice and while backchecking despite his skating, but I can see a scenario where he struggles to be as effective later on if his skating and pace don’t improve. It isn’t difficult for opponents to catch up to him if he is indecisive and lingers with the puck. This was my second time scouting Zetterberg, and he is a highly intriguing prospect. His anticipation and utilization of space enable him to be a prominent player at both ends of the ice, but I have to say that I can see a scenario where he struggles to be as prominent at the senior level due to his lack of strength and pace. It will be interesting to see how he handles himself in SHL games this season, and that will most likely have a big impact on his projection. That being said, there is no doubt that his level of talent is on par with some of the best players in this draft class, and if he shines during call-ups, he will most likely hear his name being called on the first day of the 2024 draft.

Erik Sjolund
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Game Results

September 23, 2023
Orebro Jr.
Hv71 Jr.

Player Report

Skating 5
Shooting 7
Puckhandling 7
Playmaking 6
Offensive Awareness 8
Defensive Awareness 7
Compete 7

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