FC Rank 100
All Rankings
Player Profile
Left Wing
Ilves U20
167 lbs
Place of Birth
Tampere, FIN  
Jarventie is a speedy winger with a lethal shot. He constantly uses his speed to fly by defenders and isn’t afraid to shoot from further out. With a shot of his caliber, he can beat goalies clean. Sometimes it seems he has his eyes locked on the goal from far out, and turning around once he enters the zone could also be a viable option from time to time, letting his linemates come and join h...
Rasmus Tornqvist
Scout Profile

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Emil Jarventie's Reports

Apr 27/23 Emil Jarventie 24747 – Finland vs. Switzerland WJC-18 by Rasmus Tornqvist View Summary
Feb 25/23 Emil Jarventie 24572 – Pelicans vs. SaiPa LIIGA by Rasmus Tornqvist View Summary
Oct 18/22 Emil Jarventie 24210 – Ilves U20 vs. TUTO U20 U20 SM-sarja by Rasmus Tornqvist View Summary
Aug 7/22 Emil Jarventie 24035 – Team USA vs. Finland HLINKA by Donesh Mazloum View Summary