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Left Wing
Ilves U18
159 lbs
Place of Birth
Tampere, FIN  

Jarventie is an offensive winger with a lethal shot. He has had a pretty eventful season playing for several different teams, which has definitely affected his level of play. As an offensive guy, being slotted in on the fourth line for a struggling SaiPa team is definitely not the optimum situation. He wasn’t really able to showcase most of his strengths during this game, although there were a few occasions where you could see some flashes of the puckhandling and confidence that has made him a decent prospect. His line as a whole didn’t have a whole lot of offensive time, which greatly limited the amount of puck touches he got. You could see that Jarventie’s skating is sufficient for this level of play; he is good on his edges and picks up speed well when he has room, although he is not the most explosive skater. In the defensive zone he was playing very deep, close to his own goal, which meant that his gap to the opposing defender was very big. This led to the defender beating him either by a shot, which they had way too much time to get off, a pass or in a one-on-one, since Jarventie was skating towards the defender at this point. He did use his head to scan for the defender decently well, but his positioning did not allow him to react in time. I don’t think playing fourth-line minutes for a bad Liiga team is the right place for him to develop right now. His offensive struggles and the fact he hasn’t found a team to call home have definitely affected his draft stock negatively, and right now I think he is sitting just around the 100th, maybe even towards the end of the fourth round. Unless he somehow carves out a bigger role for himself for the remainder of the season, or really impresses during the U18 world championship, I’m having a hard time seeing his draft stock rise any more in my books this season.

Rasmus Tornqvist
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Game Results

February 23, 2023

Player Report

Skating 7
Shooting 7
Puckhandling 6
Playmaking 6
Offensive Awareness 6
Defensive Awareness 5
Compete 6

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