FC Rank 19
All Rankings
Player Profile
Right Wing
Kelowna Rockets
167 lbs
Place of Birth
Burnaby, BC  
Cristall is an absolute joy to watch in the offensive zone and routinely pulls off plays that only a handful of players in the world would consider viable. I’m not sure that I’ve seen a more creative player in my time scouting. He manipulates time and space so well, drawing defenders into the exact area he wants them to be in before attacking the space left behind. He ruthlessly efficient in t...
Donesh Mazloum
Scout Profile

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Andrew Cristall's Reports

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Apr 1/23 Andrew Cristall 24657 – Edmonton vs. Kelowna WHL by Donesh Mazloum View Summary
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Oct 15/22 Andrew Cristall 24204 – Victoria vs. Kelowna WHL by Mitch Savard View Summary
Jul 31/22 Andrew Cristall 24003 – Canada Red vs. Canada White CAN-U18 by Donesh Mazloum View Summary
Apr 23/22 Andrew Cristall 23785 – Kelowna vs. Prince George WHL by Mitch Savard View Summary