FC Rank 9
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Right Wing
Kelowna Rockets
150 lbs
Place of Birth
Burnaby, BC  

This had to be one of the most comically exaggerated games I’ve seen of Cristall. His strengths are in the speed and control of his hands alongside the creativity processing of situations in the offensive zone. It leads to him being one of the most adjusting and adapting players in small space in the ozone. Most of his play in this game was just him laying in the weeds. He was exiting the zone early, not coming back harder on defensive positioning, letting others do heavy lifting out of the defensive zone and through the neutral zone, and not playing physical at all. He does have physicality in him at times but it didn’t show today. What Cristall did do was capitalize on the opportunities to attack the zone with speed and adapt to opening skating lanes and shot lanes. I think he got maybe three great scoring chances and scored on two of them, one of which was a purposed bank shot off a goalie back from behind the goal line. He’s relentlessly creative and outlandishly dangerous when he has control of the puck when there are moving parts in the offensive zone but was essentially non-existent outside of those few moments and one solid shot block in the defensive zone.

Joel Henderson
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Game Results

January 6, 2023

Player Report

Skating 8
Shooting 8
Puckhandling 10
Playmaking 9
Offensive Awareness 10
Defensive Awareness 7
Compete 7

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