FC Rank 35
All Rankings
Player Profile
Linköping HC
187 lbs
Place of Birth
Linköping, SWE  
Bystedt is a lanky center with superior two-way abilities, terrific skating, and an all-around offensive skillset. He’s an elite 200-foot player that can cruise the middle lane and cover a lot of ice. A incredible skater, he flashes very strong strides paired with solid posture and leg extension. He moves with close feet so he can enjoy unassailable balance and gather a lot of speed without much...
Joey Fortin Boulay
Scout Profile

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Filip Bystedt's Reports

Jan 4/24 Filip Bystedt 25387 – Sweden vs. Switzerland WJC-20 by Erik Sjolund View Summary
Aug 18/23 Filip Bystedt 25035 – Sweden vs. USA Blue WJSS by Erik Sjolund View Summary
Dec 31/22 Filip Bystedt 24399 – Germany vs. Sweden WJC-20 by Joey Fortin Boulay View Summary
Mar 29/22 Filip Bystedt 23648 – Linkoping J20 vs. Sodertalje J20 J20 Nationell by Fredrik Haak View Summary
Dec 6/21 Filip Bystedt 22894 – Linkoping J20 vs. Orebro J20 J20 Nationell by Curtis Schwartzkopf View Summary
Oct 28/21 Filip Bystedt 22696 – Linkoping U20 vs. Sodertalje U20 J20 Nationell by Fredrik Haak View Summary
Aug 10/21 Filip Bystedt 22356 – Sweden vs. Team USA HLINKA by Viktor Bergman View Summary