FC Rank 35
All Rankings
Player Profile
Linköping HC
187 lbs
Place of Birth
Linköping, SWE  
Bystedt is a big two-way center that plays with a lot of power and strength in his game and does always seem to find his way to the hot spots on the ice. He shows surprisingly great puckhandling skills for his size/coordination, covers the puck really well and can often pressure himself through opponents. Bystedt is a big asset on the power play and carries the puck easily through the neutral zone...
Fredrik Haak
Scout Profile

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Filip Bystedt's Reports

Jan 4/24 Filip Bystedt 25387 – Sweden vs. Switzerland WJC-20 by Erik Sjolund View Summary
Aug 18/23 Filip Bystedt 25035 – Sweden vs. USA Blue WJSS by Erik Sjolund View Summary
Dec 31/22 Filip Bystedt 24399 – Germany vs. Sweden WJC-20 by Joey Fortin Boulay View Summary
Mar 29/22 Filip Bystedt 23648 – Linkoping J20 vs. Sodertalje J20 J20 Nationell by Fredrik Haak View Summary
Dec 6/21 Filip Bystedt 22894 – Linkoping J20 vs. Orebro J20 J20 Nationell by Curtis Schwartzkopf View Summary
Oct 28/21 Filip Bystedt 22696 – Linkoping U20 vs. Sodertalje U20 J20 Nationell by Fredrik Haak View Summary
Aug 10/21 Filip Bystedt 22356 – Sweden vs. Team USA HLINKA by Viktor Bergman View Summary