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179 lbs
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Lahti, FIN  

Lambert has long been one of the most talked about prospects for the 2022 draft, mainly because of his offensive abilities and top of the line speed with the puck. He has had a disappointing season production-wise, but when watching him you still see glimpses of what has made him so highly touted. Lambert seems to be flying every time the play transitions from defense to offense. Once he gets the puck from his defenders and gets going through the neutral zone, he is one of the best players in the league at controlled zone entries. Some of the issues in his play, however, become imminent if he doesn’t get the puck when building up speed to go up the ice. This leads to Lambert sometimes finding himself stationary near the offensive blue line while the puck is still in his own zone, which is obviously not ideal. His pass selection and puck management also leaves room for improvement if he doesn’t find a lane to cross the blue line with the puck. He went for difficult cross-ice passes in the neutral zone several times, which then led to turnovers. When he does cross the blue line with the puck he is good at slowing the play down and finding his teammates. I thought he got stuck on the perimeter a bit too much in the offensive zone, I would like to see Lambert push for the high danger areas a bit more, because the skill to challenge defenders is definitely there. Defensively, he does seem active in keeping an eye on both the play and his own player, but his reaction speed was not always quick enough to allow him to break up the opponents cycles. I still thought he did fairly well defensively in this particular game. Lambert also needs to work on getting stronger on the puck, since he can’t use his speed to get out of every single situation, especially near the boards. The rough season has probably affected his draft stock in many scouts and teams books, but I still think that talent-wise he is one of the top guys of this year’s draft. I’d slot him in at around No. 3-6 based on what I’ve seen from him during this season.

Rasmus Tornqvist
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March 24, 2022

Player Report

Skating 9
Shooting 7
Puckhandling 8
Playmaking 8
Offensive Awareness 7
Defensive Awareness 6
Compete 7

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