FC Rank 8
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Player Profile
187 lbs
Place of Birth
Lahti, FIN  
Lambert is an offensive dynamo who is very dangerous in the offensive zone given his sublime skating and fast hands. His skating stride is quick and powerful, and he generates a lot of torque with every push. His edgework is phenomenal and he makes quick cuts very effortlessly, making him hard to cover 1-on-1 as he can easily shed defenders. Lambert has very fast hands and can move his hands and f...
Sebastian Death
Scout Profile

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Brad Lambert's Reports

Oct 26/21 Brad Lambert 22682 – JYP vs. Assat LIIGA by Sebastian Death View Summary
Oct 12/21 Brad Lambert 22615 – Jukurit vs. JYP LIIGA by Rasmus Tornqvist View Summary
Sep 19/21 Brad Lambert 22479 – TPS vs. JYP LIIGA by Ville Holopainen View Summary
Sep 18/21 Brad Lambert 22475 – JYP vs. TPS LIIGA by Joshua Frojelin View Summary
Jun 17/21 Brad Lambert 22281 – KalPa vs. JYP LIIGA by Mat Sheridan View Summary
Jun 14/21 Brad Lambert 22257 – JYP vs. Jukurit LIIGA by Mat Sheridan View Summary
Jun 14/21 Brad Lambert 22253 – JYP vs. Jukurit LIIGA by Austin Broad View Summary
Apr 29/21 Brad Lambert 22019 – Russia vs. Finland WJC-18 by Olivia McArter View Summary
Dec 18/20 Brad Lambert 21471 – JYP vs. TPS LIIGA by Josh Bell View Summary