FC Rank 7
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Player Profile
192 lbs
Place of Birth
Kosice, SVK  
If you didn’t already know that Slafkovsky is still a teenager, you wouldn’t notice it by his play out on the ice against men in a professional league. He’s a gigantic forward who also has the skating ability to keep up with a high pace. Not only does he generate power in his long strides, he also has the agility and fluid footwork to change directions on a dime. Additionally, he...
Derek Neumeier
Scout Profile

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Juraj Slafkovsky's Reports

Oct 21/21 Juraj Slafkovsky 22653 – JYP U20 vs. TPS U20 U20 SM-sarja by Ville Holopainen View Summary
Oct 6/21 Juraj Slafkovsky 22554 – Lukko vs. TPS LIIGA by Derek Neumeier View Summary
Aug 31/21 Juraj Slafkovsky 22405 – Poland vs. Slovakia OLYQ by Miroslav Simurka View Summary
Aug 4/21 Juraj Slafkovsky 22336 – Slovakia vs. Germany HLINKA by Austin Broad View Summary
Jun 15/21 Juraj Slafkovsky 22269 – TPS U20 vs. KalPa U20 JR A SM-liiga by Austin Broad View Summary
Jun 15/21 Juraj Slafkovsky 22264 – TPS U20 vs. HPK U20 JR A SM-liiga by Curtis Schwartzkopf View Summary
Dec 21/20 Juraj Slafkovsky 21485 – TPS U20 vs. Vaasa U20 JR A SM-liiga by Josh Bell View Summary