FC Rank 7
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Player Profile
192 lbs
Place of Birth
Kosice, SVK  
Slafkovsky is a dynamic offensive player who can contribute as both a scoring and a playmaking threat. He stands out because he’s a massive player but plays a highly skilled and finesse game. His ability to handle the puck at full speed and attack open lanes is elite. He creates for himself and for his teammates, his passing stood out to me. Slafkovsky breaks down the German defensive struct...
Austin Broad
Scout Profile

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Juraj Slafkovsky's Reports

Oct 21/21 Juraj Slafkovsky 22653 – JYP U20 vs. TPS U20 U20 SM-sarja by Ville Holopainen View Summary
Oct 6/21 Juraj Slafkovsky 22554 – Lukko vs. TPS LIIGA by Derek Neumeier View Summary
Aug 31/21 Juraj Slafkovsky 22405 – Poland vs. Slovakia OLYQ by Miroslav Simurka View Summary
Aug 4/21 Juraj Slafkovsky 22336 – Slovakia vs. Germany HLINKA by Austin Broad View Summary
Jun 15/21 Juraj Slafkovsky 22269 – TPS U20 vs. KalPa U20 JR A SM-liiga by Austin Broad View Summary
Jun 15/21 Juraj Slafkovsky 22264 – TPS U20 vs. HPK U20 JR A SM-liiga by Curtis Schwartzkopf View Summary
Dec 21/20 Juraj Slafkovsky 21485 – TPS U20 vs. Vaasa U20 JR A SM-liiga by Josh Bell View Summary