FC Rank 60
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Player Profile
Skellefteå AIK
183 lbs
Place of Birth
Helsingborg, SWE  
Olsson, who had the most time on the ice of all players with over 26 minutes, started the game by moving the puck really fast offensively and was the one who set up Sweden’s first goal tonight on the power play by assisting Isak Rosen. Olsson is a two-way defenseman with okay speed and he handles most aspects on the ice. He does not cheat at all in his defence and always plays the situation unti...
Fredrik Haak
Scout Profile

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Anton Olsson's Reports

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Feb 21/21 Anton Olsson 21735 – Oskarshamn vs. Malmo SHL by Josh Bell View Summary
Nov 26/20 Anton Olsson 21378 – Orebro vs. Malmo SHL by Derek Neumeier View Summary
Nov 6/20 Anton Olsson 21256 – Malmo J20 vs. Frolunda J20 SHL by Viktor Bergman View Summary