FC Rank 60
All Rankings
Player Profile
Skellefteå AIK
183 lbs
Place of Birth
Helsingborg, SWE  
Olsson played right defense on Malmo’s second pairing against Frölunda. He had a very quiet, non-flashy game and had a TOI of 10:00. Olsson played a mature and smart game, there were a couple of situations where he was under pressure. But Olsson stayed calm, used shoulder checks to make correct decisions first, and then made a decision where he either found a teammate with a pass or used his ag...
Viktor Bergman
Scout Profile

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Anton Olsson's Reports

Dec 27/21 Anton Olsson 23050 – Russia vs. Sweden WJC-20 by Fredrik Haak View Summary
Jun 22/21 Anton Olsson 22311 – Oskarshamn vs. Malmo SHL by Sebastian Death View Summary
Apr 27/21 Anton Olsson 22005 – Belarus vs. Sweden WJC-18 by Fredrik Haak View Summary
Feb 21/21 Anton Olsson 21735 – Oskarshamn vs. Malmo SHL by Josh Bell View Summary
Nov 26/20 Anton Olsson 21378 – Orebro vs. Malmo SHL by Derek Neumeier View Summary
Nov 6/20 Anton Olsson 21256 – Malmo J20 vs. Frolunda J20 SHL by Viktor Bergman View Summary