September 5, 2020

Self-assessments from the 2020 NHL Draft class

There are scouting reports. And then there are self-assessments.

At the end of FCHockey’s prospect interviews, we ask two questions:

1. If you had to give one, what’s the scouting report on your game?
2. What aspect of your game do you feel you need to improve?

We’ve stocked up on some of their answers and provide a number of them here. The players know their game better than anyone and provide insight into not only their strengths and weaknesses, but their self-awareness.

Here’s what some of the 2020 NHL Draft-eligible prospects had to say about their game.

Anton Lundell, C, HIFK (Liiga)
FCHockey Rank: 8

Scouting Report

“I would say my strengths are in the offensive game. I can read the game very well and I know where to be. I can find my linemates with good passes. At the same time, I play a good two-way game and I’m strong in the faceoff too.”

Improvements to Make

“I think I want to get more power through my whole body, so I can be stronger on the ice.”

Jake Sanderson, D, USNTDP (USHL/USDP)
FCHockey Rank: 12

Scouting Report

“I like to call myself an elite, two-way defenseman. I’m very competitive on the ice and I like to win. I like to jump up in the rush, I’m a smooth-skating defenseman that can create offense and is really reliable in my own zone.”

Improvements to Make

“I’m always working on my slap shot and my one-timer, just because having that heavy slap shot as a d-man is always a big threat. And honestly, just getting stronger. That’s always been a big thing. Playing college next season, everyone’s going to be a lot stronger and I’m going to need to be too.”

Dawson Mercer, RW, Chicoutimi Sagueneens (QMJHL)
FCHockey Rank: 13

Scouting Report

“I think I’m a complete, two-way forward. I think I have that real offensive skill in the o-zone to make plays and be a PP guy where you make reads and decisions but also have that shot. I just make sure I have a good amount of hockey IQ and vision which I really take pride in because I think I have a lot of that. I also want to be that defensive forward. I can go out with one minute left and take a faceoff and play the PK. So just that all-round guy that is a two-way player and also a leader in the room, on the ice, on the bench, just anywhere where I’m needed. I want to be good on and off the ice, not just out there showing it.”

Improvement to Make

“I think right now I’ve been trying to work a lot this summer just on strength. I think that’s a big thing for a lot of players going from junior to the NHL. The size and the strength of the players up there is just so much faster, not just physically but mental and everything. The play is so much quicker, you’ve got a shorter time to make decisions. So, I think if I can get my speed and my strength up, that will really be beneficial this season and then hopefully when I get up to the professional level.”

Hendrix Lapierre, C, Chicoutimi Sagueneens (QMJHL)
FCHockey Rank: 27

Scouting Report

“I think I’m a really good playmaker, I can see the ice pretty well. I like to be creative and find my teammates on the ice. I think I’m good skater, I can make plays in small areas and overall, I think I’m just a guy who loves the game and is going to do everything in his power to get better each and every day. I think that’s one of my strengths.”

Improvements to Make

“Probably my physical side of the game or my defensive side. As a player you want to play a lot. So, if I can get better defensively maybe I’ll be put in situations like the penalty kill or at the end of the game. I think it would really benefit me to get better defensively and physically in one-on-one battles.”

Zion Nybeck, LW, HV71 J20 (SuperElit)
FCHockey Rank: 30

Scouting Report

“I think I’m a hard-working forward that the coach can trust in any situation. My strengths are my hockey sense and my skills.”

Improvements to Make

“I think I need to get stronger. I’m pretty small, so I need to get stronger and faster so I can get more space when I’m against stronger players.”

Brendan Brisson, C, Chicago Steel (USHL)
FCHockey Rank: 41

Scouting Report

“I’m a two-way centre who makes the players around him better. I’m always pushing the pace, engaging with different players. I have really good, agile skating with a good shot off the pass. I’m a good teammate and good at making space for my linemates.”

Improvements to Make

“I want to work on my explosiveness, so I can keep separating myself from defenders at the next level and just getting stronger. I’m going to the University of Michigan next year and I’m looking forward to that, getting bigger and developing in the weight room and on the ice.”

Jake Neighbours, LW, Edmonton Oil Kings (WHL)
FCHockey Rank: 45

Scouting Report

“I think I’m a 200-foot player that plays in every situation for Edmonton. I think the biggest thing in my game is the physicality and skill combo that I have. I think I bring that package of being a player that can block shots, lay multiple hits in a game, but at the same time be a guy that can score a goal and get an assist for you. I bring both edges to my game in terms of being a physical and grinder-type player but having the skill to make plays and produce offense for my team. I think that’s an important package and it’s very valuable and that’s how I’d describe myself.”

Improvements To Make

“Obviously there’s tons of things you can improve on as a player and everything needs improvement, but two things I’m focusing on this summer in the offseason is my explosiveness…my first three strides coming out of the gate, try to excel to top-speed quicker, and another thing is adding a bit more of a goalscoring touch and having both playmaking and scoring as a threat in my game. I think now I’m a bit more of a playmaker and I want to add that goalscoring edge as well.”

Carter Savoie, LW, Sherwood Park Crusaders (AJHL)
FCHockey Rank: 60

Scouting Report

“I think I have a high hockey IQ, a good scoring touch. I need a little work in the d-zone and the habits sometimes, but those are learnable.”

Improvements to Make

“Definitely my d-zone play. Making sure I’m finding my guy, just staying focused in there, and not giving them easy chances.”

Victor Mancini, D, Frolunda Indians (SuperElit)
FCHockey Rank: 152

Scouting Report

“I think I’m a hard-playing, two-way defender how can really grind my opponents down. I think I can win puck battles and then get the puck up the ice quickly. When in the offensive zone, I think I can find those open areas to help create offense for my team.”

Improvement to Make

“I think as a hockey player, we’re always looking to improve on everything. No matter what, we’re always trying to get better. Something that I’ve been improving on and I think has got better is my skating and my transitioning. You can never be too good of a skater, especially in the leagues that you want to play in in the future.”

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