December 25, 2022

Every NHL-affiliated player skating at the 2023 World Juniors

The Montreal Canadiens will have a very merry holiday season courtesy the World Juniors.

The Canadiens, scrapping their way through the bottom of the Atlantic Division in the 2022-23 season, will see some cheer spread throughout the organization by way of the 2023 World Juniors.

Montreal leads all 32 NHL clubs with six players participating in the annual year-end tournament, held from December 26, 2022 to January 5, 2023 in Halifax, Nova Scotia, and Moncton, New Brunswick.

They’re note alone, though. In all, 11 teams have at least four prospects participating at the World Juniors, and 20 teams have at least three players skating in the tournament.

Only the Colorado Avalanche, Detroit Red Wings, and Edmonton Oilers have one single solitary player participating in the tournament.

Here’s a rundown of the NHL-affiliated players skating at the World Juniors:

Montreal Canadiens (6)

AUT – Vinzenz Rohrer, F
CAN – Joshua Roy, F
FIN – Oliver Kapanen, F
SWE – Adam Engstrom, D
SVK – Filip Mesar, F
USA – Lane Hutson, D

Arizona Coyotes (5)

CAN – Dylan Guenther, F
GER – Julian Lutz, F
SVK – Adam Zlnka, F
USA – Logan Cooley, F
USA – Samuel Lipkin, F

Chicago Blackhawks (5)

CAN – Nolan Allan, D
CAN – Colton Dach, F
CAN – Ethan Del Mastro, D
CAN – Kevin Korchinski, D
SWE – Victor Stjernborg, F

Minnesota Wild (5)

CAN – Caedan Bankier F
CZE – David Spacek, D
SWE – Liam Ohgren, F
SVK – Servac Petrovsky, F
USA – Jack Peart, D

New Jersey Devils (5)

CZE – Petr Hauser, F
FIN – Topias Vilen, D
SVK – Simon Nemec, D
USA – Seamus Casey, D
USA – Luke Hughes, D

New York Rangers (5)

CAN – Brennan Othmann, F
CZE – Jaroslav Chmelar, F
FIN – Kalle Vaisanen, F, FIN
SVK – Adam Sykora, F
USA – Noah Laba, F

Carolina Hurricanes (4)

FIN – Aleksi Heimosalmi, D
FIN – Ville Koivunen, F
GER – Nikita Quapp, G
USA – Jackson Blake, F

Florida Panthers (4):

CZE – Marek Alscher, D
CZE – Jakub Kos, F
LAT- Sandis Vilmanis, F
SWE- Ludvig Jansson, D

Ottawa Senators (4):

CAN – Zack Ostapchuk, F
CZE – Tomas Hamara, D
SWE – Oskar Pettersson, F
USA – Tyler Boucher, F

Vegas Golden Knights (4):

CAN – Zach Dean, F
CZE – Jakub Brabenec, F
CZE – Matyas Sapovaliv, F
SWE – Carl Lindbom, G

Winnipeg Jets (4):

FIN – Brad Lambert, F
SWE – Fabian Wagner, F
USA – Chaz Lucius, F
USA – Rutger McGroarty, F

Anaheim Ducks (3):

CAN – Nathan Gaucher, F
CAN – Tyson Hinds, D
CAN – Olen Zellweger, D

Buffalo Sabres (3)

CZE – Jiri Kulich, F
SWE – Noah Ostlund, F
SWE – Isak Rosen, F

Columbus Blue Jackets (3):

CZE – David Jiricek, D
CZE – Martin Rysavy, F
CZE – Stanislav Svozil, D

Los Angeles Kings (3):

CAN – Brandt Clarke, D
FIN – Otto Salin, D
USA – Kenny Connors, F

Nashville Predators (3):

CAN – Jack Matier, D
FIN – Joakim Kemell, F
USA – Ryan Ufko, D

Seattle Kraken (3):

CAN – Shane Wright, F
FIN – Niklas Kokko, G
FIN – Jani Nyman, F

St. Louis Blues (3):

FIN – Aleksanteri Kaskimaki, F
SWE – Simon Robertsson, F
USA – Jimmy Snuggerud, F

Tampa Bay Lightning (3):

FIN – Niko Huuhtanen, F
LAT – Klavs Veinbergs, F
USA – Dylan Duke, F

Vancouver Canucks (3):

FIN – Aku Koskenvuo, G
SWE – Jonathan Lekkerimaki, F
SWE – Elias Pettersson, D

Boston Bruins (2):

LAT – Dans Locmelis, F
SWE – Fabian Lysell, F

Calgary Flames (2):

FIN – Topi Ronni, F
SWE – William Stromgren, F

Dallas Stars (2):

CAN – Logan Stankoven, F
SUI – Lian Bichsel, D

New York Islanders (2):

FIN – Aleksi Malinen, D
SWE – Calle Odelius, D

Philadelphia Flyers (2):

SUI – Brian Zanetti, D
USA – Cutter Gauthier, F

San Jose Sharks (2):

CAN – Benjamin Gaudreau, G
SWE – Filip Bystedt, F

Washington Capitals (2)

GER – Haakon Hanelt, F
USA – Ryan Chesley, D

Colorado Avalanche (1)

USA – Sean Behrens, D

Detroit Red Wings (1)

USA – Redmond Savage, F

Edmonton Oilers (1)

CAN – Reid Schaefer, F

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