FC Rank 12
All Rankings
Player Profile
Left Wing
Tri-City Storm
161 lbs
Place of Birth
Tustin, CA  
Connelly is pretty versatile winger who excels in the corners. I would consider him to be more a finisher, but his passing and playmaking skills shouldn’t be underestimated. He can create offense down deep off cycles or on the rush. I was left with an impression, however, that he’s not capable of moving into the middle of the ice with the puck, and that’s why he has to take many sharp-angle ...
Arttu Myllymaki
Scout Profile

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Trevor Connelly's Reports

Apr 28/24 Trevor Connelly 25847 – Norway vs. Team USA WJC-18 by Arttu Myllymaki View Summary
Apr 25/24 Trevor Connelly 25819 – Team USA vs. Slovakia WJC-18 by Aaron Vickers View Summary
Feb 5/24 Trevor Connelly 25564 – Des Moines vs. Tri-City USHL by Chad Carlson View Summary
Jan 23/24 Trevor Connelly 25497 – Team Blue vs. Team White AAPG by Aaron Vickers View Summary
Aug 12/23 Trevor Connelly 25013 – Team USA vs. Germany HLINKA by Douglas Larson View Summary
Jul 31/23 Trevor Connelly 24925 – Czechia vs. Team USA HLINKA by Greysen Goudy View Summary