FC Rank 6
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Player Profile
London Knights
195 lbs
Place of Birth
Toronto, ON  
Dickinson, a two-way defenseman, is as steady as they come. He is a workhorse that can log major ice time in all situations and scenarios. His ability to make positive contributions in all important aspects of the game make him stand out on a nightly basis. He has a large frame and plenty of strength to go with it. His confidence with and without the puck has grown significantly as the season has ...
Mike Kennedy
Scout Profile

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Sam Dickinson's Reports

Apr 18/24 Sam Dickinson 25805 – London vs. Kitchener OHL by Mike Kennedy View Summary
Feb 3/24 Sam Dickinson 25555 – London vs. Erie OHL by Aaron Vickers View Summary
Dec 12/23 Sam Dickinson 25307 – London vs. Saginaw OHL by Joseph Aleong View Summary
Oct 21/23 Sam Dickinson 25217 – London vs. Guelph OHL by Ty Brooks View Summary
Oct 7/23 Sam Dickinson 25193 – London vs. Niagara OHL by Blake McGuire View Summary
Aug 11/23 Sam Dickinson 25002 – Czechia vs. Canada HLINKA by Arttu Myllymaki View Summary
Aug 9/23 Sam Dickinson 24991 – Team USA vs. Canada HLINKA by Joseph Aleong View Summary
Aug 8/23 Sam Dickinson 24988 – Canada vs. Slovakia HLINKA by Greysen Goudy View Summary