FC Rank 44
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Player Profile
196 lbs
Place of Birth
Oslo, NOR  
Solberg is a very dependable, physical two-way defender that plays all situations, has a rock solid possession game, and is extremely consistent. He is very active at both ends of the ice, often being a very noticeable player compared to other shutdown defenders in this class. His physical game and defensive positioning are two main things that I love. Solberg is also really smart with the puck on...
Samuel Tirpák
Scout Profile

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Stian Solberg's Reports

May 20/24 Stian Solberg 25961 – Canada vs. Norway WHC by Aaron Vickers View Summary
May 20/24 Stian Solberg 25959 – Norway vs. Austria WHC by Arttu Myllymaki View Summary
Apr 15/24 Stian Solberg 25796 – Stavanger vs. Valerenga NORWAY by Samuel Tirpák View Summary
Jan 8/24 Stian Solberg 25421 – Germany vs. Norway WJC-20 by Nathanial Duffett View Summary
Dec 31/23 Stian Solberg 25355 – Switzerland vs. Norway WJC-20 by Mike Kennedy View Summary