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Right Wing
Baie-Comeau Drakkar
181 lbs
Place of Birth
Valleyfield, QC  

Poirier keeps showcasing his high-end scoring abilities as one of the best scorers in the QMJHL this season, supported by superior offensive-zone awareness and some feistiness in his battles. He constantly finds shooting spots and range, getting himself aligned with his teammates fighting for pucks and exploiting give-and-goes for better looks. He keeps a low stance roaming in the slot, trying to get himself forgotten and tracking the puck with his eyes like a hunter, ready to fire his deadly snapshot as soon as his teammate is able to send him the puck. Poirier loves to shoot the puck so much. He will try to as much as he possibly can and he’s not afraid to get his nose dirty by going net-front. He is also an intelligent shooter, showing the awareness to willingly rip the puck on the goalie’s pads for rebounds when he spots a teammate ahead of defenders crashing the net. Poirier brilliantly picks his spots with his laser beam wrister, using defenders as screens. He can clap a heavy one-timer from the half-wall as well. He exhibits competent escapability thanks to his fluid hands and bulky frame for a small guy. He can make strong cycling outlets from the perimeter too, and recognizes when teammates have better shooting opportunities than him, then distributing them the puck after dragging opponents on him. Poirier generates great acceleration through his first few steps with powerful strides and decent fluidity in his skating. He can absorb hits without losing too much balance thanks to his strong lower body. However, his edgework needs some refinement because he lacks lateral agility and loses speed when relying on his edges. He doesn’t use crossovers enough since he tends to stretch his feet and rotate his hips to change angle. Poirier is an aggressive forechecker and shows notable anticipation to intercept outlets at the opponent’s blue line. He also doesn’t mind bodychecking from time to time and fights hard for pucks in corners, but displays wavering intensity as he tends to start strong in games and gets less intense throughout the game. Poirier skates hard to cover his opponents in the defensive zone and puts himself in shooting lanes to block some pucks, but lacks the awareness to maintain his coverage over a long period of time which even out his defensive effort. He’s prone to risky plays in his own zone and sometimes lacks the focus to execute precise exit/entry outlets in transition. His role is definitely not being the driver on his line, but he clearly lacks efficiency in the middle-third of the ice with and without the puck. Another aspect I would like him to improve would be to vary his entry methods since he always enters the territory by the perimeter and tries to beat goalies with his outside shot. Entering the zone by the middle ice at times would make him less predictable, open opportunities and give him better shooting angles. The consensus projection seems low on Poirier for the 2024 draft because of his size, play without the puck, and his inconsistent compete, but I think he owns genuine scoring assets, an underrated offensive mind, and imperfect-but-competent skating that could become a strength with a bit of work. The wrongs in him are very workable versus the skill/talent that isn’t as teachable. I would absolutely consider picking him by the end of the second round this summer and I think some teams will regret ignoring him if he gets picked later in the draft.

Joey Fortin Boulay
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Game Results

February 3, 2024

Player Report

Skating 6
Shooting 8
Puckhandling 6
Playmaking 5
Offensive Awareness 7
Defensive Awareness 4
Compete 5

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