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Kelowna Rockets
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Lake Country, BC  

Iginla is a versatile forward who is a shot-volume monster. He rarely passes up an opportunity to get the puck on net, and that confidence is aided by a quick release that doesn’t require a lot of stick-on-puck time to get a shot off with plenty of velocity. He shoots a ton, but unlike a lot of shot-volume forwards, I never really got the impression Iginla was overlooking a better, smarter passing play in favor of his own option. That said, I feel he could use a little bit more decision-making in his approach. I didn’t love the low-percentage sharp-angle shots that ended up whistling wide and out of the zone. That said, when you’re confident in your accuracy you’re going to take those shots, as he is. Iginla showed good general offensive awareness in this game. Again, he shot a lot but it wasn’t at the sacrifice of better options.I get the sense, however, he very much prefers to be a finisher than a playmaker; I didn’t see a lot of offense generation for his linemates. On the flipside, he a lot of solo efforts in his creation — which is both a positive and a negative. I think he can do a better job of working himself into the quiet areas in the offensive zone to make him a more attractive passing option. That said, I’m not sure there’s an area of ice in the offensive zone Iginla wasn’t occupying with the puck at one point or another in this one, and he’s not shy to go to the front of the net and the greasy areas players need to get to for second-chance opportunities. He works effectively along the boards down low and up through the hashes, too, using every inch of ice he feels he needs. If I have one gripe inside the opposing blue line, it’s that Iginla can hold onto the puck a bit too long. It negates some of his effectiveness. He can be a little indecisiveness, and he had a couple plays where he looked like he wanted to shoot but tried to make one too many moves in an attempt to put himself in a more high-danger location. On the flip side, he does have the confidence and hands to beat a defender one-on-one, there’s just a sense that sometimes he holds onto it a little too long. His skating aids in that confidence, as his ability to change pace — particularly slowing up once inside the offensive blue line — will give the opposition some troubles as long as he’s cognizant of back pressure. Iginla’s just generally shifty in his approach with shoulder fakes and his ability to lean hard on one leg and spring power to the other. His stickhandling and edge work can freeze opposing defenders and buy himself time to decide what he wants to do. Defensively there isn’t much to gripe about in his game. He’s versatile — he took shifts at both center and wing in this one — and has a general understanding of his roles and responsibilities in each. There’s a lot to like and appreciate in Iginla overall. I think he’s got top-six upside in the NHL, and I’d look at selecting him in the back-half of the first round in the 2024 draft.

Aaron Vickers
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January 27, 2024

Player Report

Skating 6
Shooting 7
Puckhandling 7
Playmaking 5
Offensive Awareness 7
Defensive Awareness 6
Compete 6

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