FC Rank 14
All Rankings
Player Profile
Left Wing
U.S. National U18 Team
165 lbs
Place of Birth
Hinsdale, IL  
Perreault is an extremely hard player to project. On one hand, he is one of the most skilled and brilliant offensive tacticians coming up the pipeline at the moment. On the other hand, I question the likelihood of him being able to pull it all together and have a lengthy NHL career because of his size and skating ability. This game showed me more of that same narrative. Perreault has the skill to ...
Greysen Goudy
Scout Profile

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Gabriel Perreault's Reports

Dec 29/23 Gabriel Perreault 25335 – Switzerland vs. Team USA WJC-20 by Greysen Goudy View Summary
Aug 24/23 Gabriel Perreault 25071 – Finland vs. USA White WJSS by Brody Melsted View Summary
Mar 20/23 Gabriel Perreault 24630 – USA U18 vs. Madison USHL by Wige Karle View Summary
Jan 14/23 Gabriel Perreault 24449 – USA U18 vs. Dubuque USHL by Brandon Holmes View Summary
Nov 21/22 Gabriel Perreault 24289 – USA U18 vs. Switzerland 5NATIONS by Douglas Larson View Summary
Jul 24/22 Gabriel Perreault 23987 – USA U17 vs. Youngstown USHL by Douglas Larson View Summary