FC Rank A
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Player Profile
Spokane Chiefs
164 lbs
Place of Birth
Saskatoon, SK  
Catton is a playmaker who possesses fantastic vision and blistering speed. What separates him from the rest of the class is his skating ability. Everything about his skating is elite. He uses his edgework to protect the puck very well. He is extremely shifty, seamlessly shaking defenders then making a play. Lastly, he uses his speed in every zone which is why he is trusted with so many minutes and...
Brody Melsted
Scout Profile

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Berkly Catton's Reports

Nov 22/23 Berkly Catton 25264 – Spokane vs. Victoria WHL by Kohen Willis Dengler View Summary
Oct 14/23 Berkly Catton 25205 – Spokane vs. Kelowna WHL by Brody Melsted View Summary
Aug 31/23 Berkly Catton 25105 – Team USA vs. Canada HLINKA by Blake McGuire View Summary
Aug 11/23 Berkly Catton 25004 – Czechia vs. Canada HLINKA by Arttu Myllymaki View Summary
Aug 2/23 Berkly Catton 24930 – Czechia vs. Canada EXHIBITION by Donesh Mazloum View Summary
Jul 23/23 Berkly Catton 24913 – Spokane vs. Prince George WHL by Greysen Goudy View Summary