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Victoria Grizzlies
201 lbs
Place of Birth
Poprad, SVK  

Pitka is a big-bodied, playmaking forward who excels at using his elite vision to make the proper reads which create scoring chances in the offensive zone. He stands out from the rest of the team with his elite passing — he is able to find his teammates at any point in the offensive zone and makes passes that would make it seem as if he has eyes in the back of his head. He especially does this on the power play, as his passes are quick and accurate forcing defenders to scramble around and chase the puck. His game mostly excels in the offensive part of the ice as he also does a great job away from the puck in the offensive zone by cutting to open space such as the front of the net when his defender has the puck at the point or to the high slot when his winger has it lower in the zone. A part that might go unseen in Pitka’s game is his backchecking effort in the neutral zone. He does a great job utilizing his stick check on the backcheck to create turnovers and go for rushes the other way. He is a very calm player who never retaliates when it comes to plays after the whistle. Pitka has a very smooth stride, but lacks speed and isn’t the best on his edges due to his huge frame. Another part of his game that Pitka lacks is physicality as he failed to throw a single hit or finish his check throughout the whole game. The last thing he could work on is his defensive awareness and his effort in the defensive zone. He glides around the defensive zone and leaves the zone early hoping for an odd-man rush the other way so he can utilize his offensive strengths. With that being said I feel as if Pitka could be a strong third-fourth round pick in the 2024 draft as he gets acquainted with the BCHL playstyle. If Pitka can show more hustle in the defensive end and learn to use his big frame to wear down his opponents I think he could eventually be a late second-round pick by the end of the season.

Kohen Willis Dengler
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Game Results

October 6, 2023
Alberni Valley

Player Report

Skating 4
Shooting 5
Puckhandling 6
Playmaking 7
Offensive Awareness 7
Defensive Awareness 3
Compete 5

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