FC Rank 62
All Rankings
Player Profile
Chaska High
177 lbs
Place of Birth
Chanhassen, MN  
Rinzel is a two-way defenseman who excels particularly in the skating and shooting departments. He is a very raw prospect that will need some time to polish his game, but already possesses great abilities. Most notably is his skating, frame, reach, and how well he uses all three in conjunction with one another across all 200ft of the ice. While defending the rush or his own net front, he swallows ...
Ty Brooks
Scout Profile

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Sam Rinzel's Reports

Aug 28/23 Sam Rinzel 25089 – Sweden vs. USA Blue WJSS by Ty Brooks View Summary
Jun 27/22 Sam Rinzel 23980 – Sioux City vs. Waterloo USHL by Douglas Larson View Summary
Feb 23/22 Sam Rinzel 23483 – Team White vs. Team Blue AAPG by Douglas Larson View Summary
Jan 19/22 Sam Rinzel 23238 – Shakopee High vs. Chaska High USHS by Austin Broad View Summary
Oct 21/21 Sam Rinzel 22657 – SIT Mutual Funds vs. TDS Transportation UMHSEHL by View Summary
Aug 4/21 Sam Rinzel 22339 – Sweden vs. Team USA HLINKA by Jayce Hopia View Summary