FC Rank 83
All Rankings
Player Profile
Right Wing
Flint Firebirds
177 lbs
Place of Birth
Westland, MI  
Hayes is a crafty winger who has a knack for filling the opponents’ net. He is such a well-rounded player with almost no holes in his game. I would personally say his best asset has to be his offensive IQ. He consistently makes the right play and gets lost in the opponent’s defence, which made him the perfect bumper guy on the power play. Hayes is also sneaky fast, catching opponents o...
Brody Melsted
Scout Profile

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Gavin Hayes's Reports

Aug 20/23 Gavin Hayes 25049 – Sweden vs. USA Blue WJSS by Brody Melsted View Summary
Jun 15/22 Gavin Hayes 23973 – Flint vs. Sault Ste. Marie OHL by Joseph Aleong View Summary
Apr 12/22 Gavin Hayes 23730 – Flint vs. London OHL by Olivia McArter View Summary
Feb 10/22 Gavin Hayes 23411 – Flint vs. Kitchener OHL by Brandon Holmes View Summary
Feb 9/22 Gavin Hayes 23403 – Flint vs. Kitchener OHL by Olivia McArter View Summary
Aug 4/21 Gavin Hayes 22337 – Sweden vs. Team USA HLINKA by Austin Broad View Summary