FC Rank 30
All Rankings
Player Profile
Right Wing
HK Poprad
167 lbs
Place of Birth
Spisska Bela, SVK  
Mesar is a buzzy little forward that creates a lot of jam offensively. He moves well enough that he is able to outskate a majority of the players on the ice, but I am not sure if that will necessarily transfer into the NHL. He is very good along the boards, and I might consider that his best attribute along with his playmaking. He wins a lot of puck battles despite his lack of size size, and he is...
Matt O'Reilly
Scout Profile

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Filip Mesar's Reports

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Apr 13/23 Filip Mesar 24685 – Kitchener vs. Windsor OHL by Matt O’Reilly View Summary
Dec 29/22 Filip Mesar 24386 – Slovakia vs. Team USA WJC-20 by Mitch Savard View Summary
Sep 16/22 Filip Mesar 24117 – Canadiens vs. Sabres PROSPECTS by Brandon Holmes View Summary
Feb 25/22 Filip Mesar 23495 – Trencin vs. Poprad SLOVAKIA by Miroslav Simurka View Summary
Jan 30/22 Filip Mesar 23335 – Nitra vs. Poprad SLOVAKIA by Miroslav Simurka View Summary
Dec 30/21 Filip Mesar 23081 – Sweden vs. Slovakia WJC-20 by Curtis Schwartzkopf View Summary
Nov 17/21 Filip Mesar 22807 – Slovakia vs Switzerland EXHIBITION by Miroslav Simurka View Summary
Aug 5/21 Filip Mesar 22340 – Slovakia vs. Team USA HLINKA by Miroslav Simurka View Summary
Aug 3/21 Filip Mesar 22329 – Slovakia vs Team USA HLINKA by Dennis Schellenberg View Summary
Jul 16/21 Filip Mesar 22326 – Poprad vs. Nove Zamky SLOVAKIA by Miroslav Simurka View Summary
Dec 22/20 Filip Mesar 21487 – Jegesmedvek vs. Poprad SLOVAKIA by FCHockey Staff View Summary