FC Rank 3
All Rankings
Player Profile
Right Wing
HK Sochi
172 lbs
Place of Birth
Perm, RUS  
Michkov has become a fairly polarizing prospect for the 2023 draft. His skill is undeniable. His hands work effortlessly as he moves his feet, and his ability to make the small but preferable play has improved while maintaining the wow-factor elsewhere. His shot is arguably best in class as he can really rip it both in stride and at a standstill. He beats KHL goalies cleanly already, which bodes w...
Jake Janso
Scout Profile

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Matvei Michkov's Reports

Feb 27/23 Matvei Michkov 24577 – Sochi vs. SKA St. Petersburg KHL by Jake Janso View Summary
Feb 4/23 Matvei Michkov 24504 – HK Sochi vs. Vityaz Moscow Region KHL by Jake Janso View Summary
Sep 5/22 Matvei Michkov 24105 – SKA 1946 vs. Krasnaya Armiya MHL by Jake Janso View Summary
Dec 25/21 Matvei Michkov 23044 – Russia vs. Canada WJC-20 by Olivia McArter View Summary