FC Rank 36
All Rankings
Player Profile
Left Wing
Vancouver Giants
186 lbs
Place of Birth
Trencin, SVK  
Honzek is a well-rounded and rangy two-way forward with offensive flair who can play in all situations. The standout in his game is how effortlessly he’s able to play a north-south game, as his reach and skating ability allow him to cover a lot of ice in a short amount of time. He’s able to use his length to get in on defenders quickly on the forecheck and generate turnovers and his mo...
Brandon Holmes
Scout Profile

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Samuel Honzek's Reports

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Jan 18/23 Samuel Honzek 24459 – Vancouver vs. Victoria WHL by Brandon Holmes View Summary
Dec 5/22 Samuel Honzek 24335 – Portland vs. Vancouver WHL by Joel Henderson View Summary
Nov 9/22 Samuel Honzek 24263 – Vancouver vs. Edmonton WHL by Donesh Mazloum View Summary
Aug 11/22 Samuel Honzek 24057 – Czechia vs. Slovakia WJC-20 by Miroslav Simurka View Summary