FC Rank 73
All Rankings
Player Profile
Right Wing
173 lbs
Place of Birth
Kajaani, FIN  
Hameenaho is a winger who is at his best in transition and battling along the boards and in front of the net in the offensive zone. He is not the most flashy guy out there, but he makes good decisions with the puck and can use smart small passing plays to create space for himself or his teammates. Although not being the biggest guy he is strong on the puck, especially along the boards, and he can ...
Rasmus Tornqvist
Scout Profile

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Lenni Hameenaho's Reports

Jan 7/24 Lenni Hameenaho 25420 – Czechia vs. Finland WJC-20 by Joseph Aleong View Summary
Aug 22/23 Lenni Hameenaho 25062 – Finland vs. USA Blue WJSS by Arttu Myllymaki View Summary
May 9/23 Lenni Hameenaho 24829 – Assat vs. Ilves LIIGA by Arttu Myllymaki View Summary
Mar 3/23 Lenni Hameenaho 24587 – HIFK vs. Assat LIIGA by Wige Karle View Summary
Jan 7/23 Lenni Hameenaho 24427 – Sweden vs. Finland WJC-20 by Rasmus Tornqvist View Summary
Oct 18/22 Lenni Hameenaho 24209 – Ilves vs. Assat LIIGA by Rasmus Tornqvist View Summary