FC Rank 225
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Player Profile
152 lbs
Place of Birth
Espoo, FIN  
Suomi, passed on twice in the draft, is a skilled defenseman with great poise who is at his best with the puck on his stick. He isn’t afraid to hold onto the puck in his own zone, whether it be in order to calm the play down and allow for his team to regroup or trying to outsmart the opposing forecheckers. He sees the ice really well, and his breakout passes are on the tape most of the time R...
Rasmus Tornqvist
Scout Profile

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Jimi Suomi's Reports

Jan 6/23 Jimi Suomi 24424 – Finland vs. Slovakia WJC-20 by Rasmus Tornqvist View Summary
Nov 28/21 Jimi Suomi 22858 – TPS vs. Tappara LIIGA by Rasmus Tornqvist View Summary
Sep 21/21 Jimi Suomi 22492 – TPS vs. JYP LIIGA by Rasmus Tornqvist View Summary
Sep 18/21 Jimi Suomi 22478 – TPS vs. JYP LIIGA by FCHockey Staff View Summary
Apr 30/21 Jimi Suomi 22030 – Finland vs. Czech Republic WJC-18 by Austin Broad View Summary
Mar 13/21 Jimi Suomi 21791 – KalPa U20 vs. Jokerit U20 JR A SM-liiga by Derek Neumeier View Summary
Jan 23/21 Jimi Suomi 21608 – Jokerit U20 vs. Espoo U20 JR A SM-liiga by Josh Bell View Summary