FC Rank 35
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Player Profile
Cleveland Monsters
182 lbs
Place of Birth
Prerov, CZE  
Svozil is a two-way defenseman that uses his mobility to join the offense and plays solid in his own end. He’s a great skater with decent speed that skates all the ice and avidly joins the cycle in the offensive zone. He’s got fluid four-way mobility and crisp stops which helps him activate from the blue line along the half-wall with the puck, looking for open teammates. As his brain matches h...
Joey Fortin Boulay
Scout Profile

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Stanislav Svozil's Reports

Jan 4/23 Stanislav Svozil 24417 – Czechia vs. Switzerland WJC-20 by Joey Fortin Boulay View Summary
Aug 17/22 Stanislav Svozil 24086 – Czechia vs. Latvia WJC-20 by Austin Broad View Summary
Dec 28/21 Stanislav Svozil 23073 – Germany vs. Czechia WJC-20 by Donesh Mazloum View Summary
Dec 22/21 Stanislav Svozil 22989 – Maple Leafs vs. Blue Jackets ROOKIE by Joseph Aleong View Summary
Apr 29/21 Stanislav Svozil 22016 – Czech Republic vs. Finland WJC-18 by Olivia McArter View Summary
Jan 8/21 Stanislav Svozil 21546 – Czech Republic vs. Canada WJC-20 by Dylan Galloway View Summary
Jan 2/21 Stanislav Svozil 21513 – Sweden vs. Czech Republic WJC-20 by Josh Bell View Summary
Jan 1/21 Stanislav Svozil 21503 – Team USA vs. Czech Republic WJC-20 by Olivia McArter View Summary
Nov 9/20 Stanislav Svozil 21271 – Russia vs. Czech Republic Karjala Cup by Josh Bell View Summary