FC Rank 50
All Rankings
Player Profile
Right Wing
Brantford Bulldogs
165 lbs
Place of Birth
Oakville, ON  
Lardis is an opportunistic winger who is a high-volume shooter from the tops of the circles and lower, using his agility and vision to find open space and shooting lanes through traffic. His shot is his best offensive weapon, as he consistently seeks lanes to attack the middle of the ice and has a quick, accurate release that he is able to change the angle on to find the net. Lardis is a quick, da...
Joseph Aleong
Scout Profile

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Nick Lardis's Reports

Oct 13/23 Nick Lardis 25204 – Brantford vs. Oshawa OHL by Blake McGuire View Summary
Apr 11/23 Nick Lardis 24681 – Hamilton vs. Sudbury OHL by Brandon Holmes View Summary
Feb 20/23 Nick Lardis 24556 – Kingston vs. Hamilton OHL by Austin Broad View Summary
Dec 11/22 Nick Lardis 24348 – Peterborough vs. London OHL by Olivia McArter View Summary
Nov 25/22 Nick Lardis 24300 – Oshawa vs. Peterborough OHL by Joseph Aleong View Summary