FC Rank 51
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Player Profile
Kitchener Rangers
190 lbs
Place of Birth
Washington, MI  
Brzustewicz is a strong, playmaking defenseman who positions himself well around the zone and rarely lets the puck past him when defending the blue line. He processes the play very well and shoulder checks in all areas of the ice. He has very good control of the puck when being challenged with a man on him, and he is able to smoothly move the puck around especially when creating a breakout pass. B...
Olivia McArter
Scout Profile

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Hunter Brzustewicz's Reports

Nov 1/23 Hunter Brzustewicz 25218 – Owen Sound vs. Kitchener OHL by Matt O’Reilly View Summary
Sep 22/23 Hunter Brzustewicz 25165 – Jets vs. Canucks ROOKIE by Aaron Vickers View Summary
Aug 25/23 Hunter Brzustewicz 25075 – Finland vs. USA Blue WJSS by Nathanial Duffett View Summary
Apr 17/23 Hunter Brzustewicz 24690 – London vs. Kitchener OHL by Matt O’Reilly View Summary
Jan 15/23 Hunter Brzustewicz 24451 – Kitchener vs. Flint OHL by Austin Broad View Summary
Dec 16/22 Hunter Brzustewicz 24365 – Kitchener vs. Guelph OHL by Joseph Aleong View Summary
Nov 8/22 Hunter Brzustewicz 24261 – Saginaw vs. Kitchener OHL by Olivia McArter View Summary