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Left Wing
Harvard Univ.
181 lbs
Place of Birth
Huntington, NY  

Coronato, drafted 13th overall by the Calgary Flames in 2021, will be an interesting case study to follow as he progresses in his hockey career. His physical tools certainly don’t scream future NHL star. He has a stiff stride and carries middling raw speed throughout a shift. His footwork in tight spaces is serviceable and his skating limitations are far less noticeable once established in a zone but he’s unlikely to win an outright race for a loose puck or burn wide past defenders on the rush. He’s also not the biggest player and can get punished in the tough areas on the ice. He has a battle mentality and never shies away from contact, but he certainly has limitations in physical contests. Coronato’s focus on getting to dangerous areas of the ice also presents his greatest goal-scoring threat. His shot isn’t a weakness, however it’s unlikely to beat a goalie clean and he is noticeably shy on the trigger from range. While I’ve focused on Coronato’s question marks, what he does have working for him is a singular and unique ability to mess with the timing of the opposition. I don’t think I’ve seen a player have so many opponents simply skate past him. He has supreme patience with the possession, and carries the puck with a myriad of pauses and freezes that make him incredibly difficult to close on with any sort of confidence. Coronato will always blink second and his ability to out-wait a defender garners him so much time and space. He poses such a tricky and unique challenge as there is seemingly no correct way to defend against him. He’ll step around overzealous attacks, and yet if you play him too patiently he’ll just walk down main street untouched. He is also most comfortable as a distributor so if another defender collapses to provide help, Coronato will be ready to find the now-open teammate. This method of gaining space for himself, not with flashy puck skills but with a deep understanding on how to use the opposition against themselves, is fascinating to watch and incredibly difficult to project. I can’t think of an NHL player who fits the same mold. I think he was a big gamble at pick No. 13 but he’s put-up impressive numbers at every level and I’ll be following closely to see if he can continue to be this effective in the professional ranks.

Donesh Mazloum
Scout Profile

Game Results

August 9, 2022
Team USA

Player Report

Skating 5
Shooting 5
Puckhandling 6
Playmaking 6
Offensive Awareness 8
Defensive Awareness 6
Compete 7

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