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Frölunda HC
198 lbs
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Onsala, SWE  

Edvinsson, selected with the No. 6 pick of the 2021 NHL Draft by the Detroit Red Wings, is a solid all-round defenseman who can excel at both ends of the ice because of his skating ability and hockey IQ. His skating and offensive upside is tremendous; he has great puck skills and has the potential to become and elite skater at the NHL level. Edvinsson can drive transition play from the back end, either by skating the puck end-to-end by himself or delivering excellent passes that stretch the ice for his team. He’s an effective player with the puck on his stick in the offensive zone — using his mobility to open up passing/shooting lanes and using his vision to constantly examine the ice and find his teammates with accurate passes. Defensively he can use his size and skating to eliminate the opposition’s time and space and force them away from the center lane, making their offensive chances less dangerous. At times there are some inconsistencies with his defensive zone reads, though. Edvinsson can misjudge the play and get caught out of position, or get caught flatfooted and allow his opponent to easily get past him. These down moments are not common enough to pose any real long-term issues right now and, with the right development plan, he should be able to eliminate these mistakes. Detroit has a solid core of defensemen in their system already and, with Moritz Seider as the future No. 1, Edvinsson has less pressure on him to become a top-pairing guy. That being said, he has all the potential to develop into a top-two guy that plays in all situations. The Red Wings are in good hands, particularly on defense, and Edvinsson should play a big part of their future success.

Austin Broad
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August 10, 2022

Player Report

Skating 8
Shooting 7
Puckhandling 7
Playmaking 8
Offensive Awareness 7
Defensive Awareness 6
Compete 8

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