FC Rank 21
All Rankings
Player Profile
Left Wing
Prince George Cougars
178 lbs
Place of Birth
Saskatoon, SK  
Heidt is one of the more puzzling prospects for me to evaluate this year as he has so many tools at his disposal that should translate to the next level, but can at times blend into the background. His offensive arsenal is world class. Everything he does comes with an extra layer of crispness. He makes passes with purpose and pep and can thread the puck through lanes that most wouldn’t even cons...
Donesh Mazloum
Scout Profile

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Riley Heidt's Reports

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Oct 20/22 Riley Heidt 24215 – Brandon vs. Prince George WHL by Mitch Savard View Summary
Aug 10/22 Riley Heidt 24052 – Sweden vs. Canada HLINKA by Donesh Mazloum View Summary
Jul 23/22 Riley Heidt 23984 – Prince George vs. Kamloops WHL by Mitch Savard View Summary
Jan 10/22 Riley Heidt 23145 – Prince George vs. Vancouver WHL by FCHockey Staff View Summary