FC Rank 18
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Player Profile
Moose Jaw Warriors
166 lbs
Place of Birth
Dundurn, SK  
Yager is a dynamic offensive player who plays the game at a very high pace and makes things happen when the puck is on his stick. He skates extremely well with the puck, making defensemen panic as he comes in on them while on the rush because he’s dangerous in so many ways. He possesses an elite shot, whether it’s a quick snapshot or taking a big swinging slap shot on a loose puck. If Yager ge...
Mitch Savard
Scout Profile

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Brayden Yager's Reports

Jan 3/24 Brayden Yager 25380 – Canada vs. Czechia WJC-20 by Joey Fortin Boulay View Summary
Sep 20/23 Brayden Yager 25152 – Sabres vs. Penguins ROOKIE by Blake McGuire View Summary
Jan 18/23 Brayden Yager 24457 – Seattle vs. Moose Jaw WHL by Joel Henderson View Summary
Nov 7/22 Brayden Yager 24258 – Red Deer vs. Moose Jaw WHL by Mitch Savard View Summary
Aug 7/22 Brayden Yager 24039 – Sweden vs. Canada HLINKA by Donesh Mazloum View Summary
Jul 23/22 Brayden Yager 23985 – Saskatoon vs. Moose Jaw WHL by Mitch Savard View Summary
Nov 19/21 Brayden Yager 22816 – Red Deer vs. Moose Jaw WHL by Derek Neumeier View Summary