FC Rank 56
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Player Profile
Kitchener Rangers
185 lbs
Place of Birth
Praha, CZE  
Hamara impressed me as an individual in this game despite Czechia getting outplayed by the Americans. He is a two-way defenseman who is very reliable in the defensive zone and at the defensive transition game, but he also supports the offense and flashes skills in the offensive zone. Hamara was active defending the rush, often skating forward with stick against the puck, cutting all options for th...
Miroslav Simurka
Scout Profile

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Tomas Hamara's Reports

Dec 30/23 Tomas Hamara 25354 – Czechia vs. Team USA WJC-20 by Aaron Vickers View Summary
Apr 26/22 Tomas Hamara 23796 – Czechia vs. Team USA WJC-18 by Miroslav Simurka View Summary
Apr 4/22 Tomas Hamara 23673 – Tappara vs. Lukko LIIGA by Rasmus Tornqvist View Summary
Dec 2/21 Tomas Hamara 22880 – Karpat U20 vs. Tappara U20 U20 SM-sarja by FCHockey Staff View Summary
Nov 26/21 Tomas Hamara 22851 – Assat U20 vs. Tappara U20 U20 SM-sarja by Joshua Frojelin View Summary
Sep 20/21 Tomas Hamara 22487 – Tappara vs. Sport LIIGA by Sebastian Death View Summary
Sep 20/21 Tomas Hamara 22486 – Tappara U20 vs. Lukko U20 U20 SM-sarja by Josh Bell View Summary