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Avon Old Farms School
192 lbs
Place of Birth
Glencoe, IL  

Ali is a speedy forward with a lot of skill that has a a bright future ahead of him. There’s no questioning his skillset and tools that he possesses — its more of his talents not transitioning the best when it comes to game action. He generates speed with ease and has very quick feet making his mobility great out there. Ali is a real threat whenever he has the puck, and is an excellent transition player. His playmaking wasn’t that good this game, it just seemed like whenever he tried to make something the occurring play would just die. The overall execution of making plays and making things happen will need to improve and when they do he’ll be a much more effective player. Ali has the skating, shooting, hands, and offensive awareness to be a big point producer in whatever league he’s in, and I think I could easily see him in the NHL one day. A lot of small details to work out in his game but there’s a real high ceiling for him as a player. If he were to make the NHL I’d think he’d play in a middle-six role while playing a huge part on his teams power play. We’ll probably see Ali used like that throughout his development path. I think he’ll need a few years to develop and round out his game but I’d be looking to take him in the third round of the upcoming draft.

Douglas Larson
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Game Results

March 12, 2022
Des Moines

Player Report

Skating 7
Shooting 7
Puckhandling 6
Playmaking 6
Offensive Awareness 6
Defensive Awareness 5
Compete 5

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