FC Rank 99
All Rankings
Player Profile
Right Wing
Fargo Force
170 lbs
Place of Birth
Grand Rapids, MI  
Knuble is an extremely competitive player who has the work ethic and drive to be effective all over the ice, whether its scoring goals at 5-on-5, being creative on the power play, or battling along the wall. Something that immediately stood out to me was the energy that Knuble brought to the game. His enthusiasm was front and center every time he stepped on the ice and in everything he did. His an...
Shaun Richardson
Scout Profile

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Cole Knuble's Reports

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Jan 15/22 Cole Knuble 23198 – Fargo vs. Sioux Falls USHL by Douglas Larson View Summary
Nov 29/21 Cole Knuble 22860 – Fargo vs. Sioux Falls USHL by Douglas Larson View Summary
Oct 13/21 Cole Knuble 22619 – Sioux City vs. Fargo USHL by Austin Broad View Summary
Aug 24/21 Cole Knuble 22391 – Czech Republic vs. Team USA HLINKA by Austin Broad View Summary