FC Rank 73
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Player Profile
Left Wing
161 lbs
Place of Birth
Oulu, FIN  
Koivunen, selected in the second round (No. 51) of the 2021 NHL Draft by the Carolina Hurricanes, is a very skilled forward with high hockey-IQ and the ability to find passing lanes that no one else on the ice can see. Koivunen seemed to constantly make good decisions both with and without the puck during the game against Germany. He was always playable both in the defensive and offensive zones, a...
Rasmus Tornqvist
Scout Profile

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Ville Koivunen's Reports

Jan 5/22 Ville Koivunen 23113 – Germany vs. Finland WJC-20 by Rasmus Tornqvist View Summary
May 22/21 Ville Koivunen 22121 – Finland vs. Team USA WJC-18 by Curtis Schwartzkopf View Summary
May 2/21 Ville Koivunen 22049 – Germany vs. Finland WJC-18 by Austin Broad View Summary
Dec 28/20 Ville Koivunen 21495 – Pelicans U20 vs. Karpat U20 JR A SM-liiga by Derek Neumeier View Summary
Dec 5/20 Ville Koivunen 21419 – Karpat U20 vs. KalPa U20 JR A SM-liiga by Josh Bell View Summary