FC Rank 14
All Rankings
Player Profile
Right Wing
Metallurg Magnitogorsk
178 lbs
Place of Birth
Chelyabinsk, RUS  
Yurov is a poised playmaker with soft hands and strong hockey IQ. His playmaking abilities are his greatest strength. He has exceptional vision, awareness, and release with his passes. He knows how to time his passes and place them perfectly in his teammate’s wheelhouse. Yurov plays a mature game and has good IQ in the offensive zone. He’s calculated with his routes and positioning and knows h...
Sebastian Death
Scout Profile

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Danila Yurov's Reports

Jun 7/22 Danila Yurov 23947 – Yaroslavl vs. Magnitogorsk MHL by Wige Karle View Summary
Mar 6/22 Danila Yurov 23544 – Magnitogorsk vs. Novosibirsk MHL by Jake Janso View Summary
Dec 27/21 Danila Yurov 23057 – Russia vs. Sweden WJC-20 by FCHockey Staff View Summary
Nov 30/21 Danila Yurov 22864 – Magnitogorsk vs. Amur Khabarovsk KHL by Sebastian Death View Summary
Sep 6/21 Danila Yurov 22427 – Yekaterinburg vs. Metallurg KHL by Josh Bell View Summary
Jun 15/21 Danila Yurov 22268 – Chelyabinsk vs. Magnitogorsk MHL by Austin Broad View Summary
May 8/21 Danila Yurov 22072 – Finland vs. Russia WJC-18 by Olivia McArter View Summary