FC Rank 999
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Player Profile
HK Nitra
192 lbs
Place of Birth
Liptovsky Mikulas, SVK  
Nemec was the best defender on the ice and had a strong start to the Hlinka Gretzky Cup captaining the Slovak team. He showed a lot of confidence with the puck and showed rushes through the neutral zone multiple times in the game. Liked to either play an active first pass or walk the puck up ice with speed. He displayed that he is a quick thinker as he often knew what to do with the puck before he...
Dennis Schellenberg
Scout Profile

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Simon Nemec's Reports

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Aug 29/21 Simon Nemec 22403 – Russia vs. Slovakia HLINKA by Dylan Galloway View Summary
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Aug 11/21 Simon Nemec 22360 – Slovakia vs. Russia HLINKA by Austin Broad View Summary
Aug 5/21 Simon Nemec 22341 – Slovakia vs. Team USA HLINKA by Miroslav Simurka View Summary
Aug 3/21 Simon Nemec 22328 – Slovakia vs. Team USA HLINKA by Dennis Schellenberg View Summary
Jun 21/21 Simon Nemec 22308 – Nitra vs. Bratislava SLOVAKIA by Austin Broad View Summary
Jun 14/21 Simon Nemec 22256 – Slovan Bratislava vs. HK Nitra SLOVAKIA by Mat Sheridan View Summary
Dec 19/20 Simon Nemec 21478 – Nitra vs Dukla Trencin SLOVAKIA by FCHockey Staff View Summary