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Univ. of Michigan
168 lbs
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North Vancouver, BC  

One of the true play drivers up front in this draft. Johnson gets a lot of hype for the flair in which he plays his brand of hockey but peeling back the layers his game is more than what you would just see on his Youtube playlist. Johnson is already quite advanced in how he sees ice and thinks the game but has so many areas of his game that he has yet to grow, which is very intriguing for a player as skilled as him. His mental agility and ability to formulate a play by setting up his maneuvers through layers of deception is already at a high level and as a result can sink defenders in the sand. He controls hands by moving hands and feet independently of one another and besides some of the ankle breaking tricks he can pull off when he’s at top speed, it’s not all for show. Johnson shows an ability to be deceptive on the attack, elongnate windows intently by taking methodical routes, tracking on angles with his skating and off the puck blending with the play to pop up between checks where he can make a quick play. All plays that are effective now and moving forward to the next level. He does love to carry the puck and move inside the dot line, but he’s got a relatively keen eye for knowing when to make a pass, often in a positive area, and then going to his next destination where he can impact the play. His hands are on his hip and he’s always threatening to make a play but I am a little bit curious as to how his game changes when he gets a little more solid, more powerful with his skating and starts to pressure the house when he doesn’t have to be near as selective with a slight frame. As good as he is on the puck and providing a presence as a support option he’s not nearly appreciated enough when tracking back and not thinking offense. He’s no angel with his tendency to fly the zone at times or simply wade through checks but I am consistently impressed by how active his stick is and how he gauges opponent positioning to show up when it matters, whether it be to steer opponents into a poor spot, pick off a loose puck or provide a quick stick lift to break up a pass completion. He needs to add weight to his frame to play in the tight ice he currently excels in and to give that extra bit of gumption in his back 9 on a consistent basis, but I really appreciate the makeup of Johnson. He’s got the upside of a difference maker and shows that he has the capacity to adapt his style. He will need to be more economical to do so at the NHL level.

Justin Froese
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January 22, 2021
Notre Dame

Player Report

Skating 8
Shooting 7
Puckhandling 9
Playmaking 8
Offensive Awareness 9
Defensive Awareness 6
Compete 6

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